Why we burn Incense Stick?

29 Jan 2015

Why we burn Incense Stick?

Every feeling needs a mode to be well expressed. Likewise, in our society a day for many starts with the their prayers. Incense sticks are the common way to express our faith and devotion to the almighty God. Incense sticks majorly find their use for religious purposes. The smoke from the incense sticks helps to increase the concentration. Hence, we are able to strike a positive balance in our mind. In other words, improved concentration is the key to meditation. The beliefs associated with the usage calls for the daily burning of incense sticks at places like homes, temples, etc.

Apart from the religious uses, aromatic incense sticks are believed to be beneficial for aromatherapy. Incense sticks made of contents like natural oils and resins have benefits that finds their use in the therapeutic treatments. The aroma is good for healing and soothes mind and body. Not only this the air around is purified with the fragrant sticks. The fragrant smoke nullifies the effect of foul smell around the atmosphere. Or we can say that in many places incense sticks are burnt to act as a natural disinfectant that drives away the insects.

Ayurveda, talks of using incense sticks as the very smoke produced creates a fresh and pure ambience. The curative properties of the incense sticks associate it with the anti-septic uses of the same. The fragrant smell when inhaled imparts well being of a sick person. For different purposes, different kinds of natural oils are available that can be used with resins to produce incense sticks. The purpose of some of the below mentioned fragrance and resins can be understood:

Allspice: It is used to attract good luck and money.

Cardamom: It is used to bring mental clarity, increase concentration, confidence, courage, enthusiasm and motivation.

Jasmine: Incense sticks with the Jasmine flavor is burnt to attract love and money, and to induce dreams of a prophetic nature, purification, wisdom and astral projection.

Lavender: A lavender flavored incense stick is generally burnt to induce rest and sleep, and to attract love-especially of a man.

The uses of incense sticks are many, but each has a specific science and reason associated with it. It is believed that the burning of incense sticks for spiritual attainment helps to connect well with the God. Broadly, incense sticks are burnt to purify the soul and mind along with the purification of the air around. The use of incense sticks are elaborate that extends from religious to mediation, and from purifying to spa or therapies. Keeping the facts in mind and with the growing demand, Moksh Agarbatti has come up with different varieties of incense sticks. Each product from Moksh Agarbatti has its own relevance which can be experience and bought from Moksh Agarbatti


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