When not to burn an Incense Stick?

24 Jun 2016

When not to burn an Incense Stick?

Incense Sticks are one such blessing that pervades our lives with the mesmerizing aroma. Other than wrapping our surrounding with perfume, they help in relaxation, rejuvenate us during a spa treatment, aid in meditation, etc.

All in all, an incense stick is beneficial but there are certain times, situations and circumstances when an Incense stick should not be lit. Check them out below!

  • If you are suffering from asthma, respiratory problem, prone to breathing problem or have had a stroke, make sure to consult a physician before burning incense sticks or incense cones.
  • Pregnant women too should avoid incense sticks or consult a physician before lightning one.
  • Don’t burn an incense stick while you are under the influence of mind-altering drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, etc.
  • There are certain herbal incense sticks that can affect the mind in the same manner as harmful drugs do. Mugwort Incense Sticks, for instance, is one such herbal incense stick that can be mind-altering. It should be avoided especially before driving.

Moksh Agarbatti, one of the leading incense sticks suppliers of India, does not only manufacture and supply incense sticks but also takes the responsibility of educating people about the right use of incense sticks. It ensures that folks leverage the fragrance of incense sticks without having to face any health complications.

It offers safe and aromatic flavors of incense sticks such as Nag Champa, Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, Swarna Champa, etc.

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