Use of Incense Sticks in Different Cultures

05 Dec 2015

Use of Incense Sticks in Different Cultures

There exists numerous countries and cultures across the globe. Each have their own way and perception towards various things. One of such things is Incense Stick or Agarbatti. These countries also have ample amount of incense sticks manufacturers and Incense sticks suppliers who supply various types of Incense sticks for various uses. If in India, an incense stick is used in worship then it is used for altogether a different purpose in different part of the world. Let’s find out how differently the different countries are using a pack of incense sticks.

Australia: Australians are fond of Incense sticks. They use it to make their aura and surrounding more pleasant and peaceful.

Japan: Previously in Japan, Samurai warriors prepared themselves for battle by purifying their minds and bodies with the aroma of incense sticks. Today, an incense stick in Japan is a sign of courage, strength and victory.

Bhutan: Incense sticks in Bhutan are used in worshiping, healing, purification of body and mind and also for the purpose of meditation.

Egypt: Egyptians earlier used incense sticks in healing a person who was affected with bites. Though today they are hardly used for medication purposes in Egypt but they are now used for an aesthetic presence in the home and surrounding.

China: Chinese have used Incense sticks as a means of connecting with God and plunging into worship. They still use incense stick as a therapeutic remedy and also to create an aesthetic presence.

So these were some of the countries which use Incense sticks differently and which have new uses of an Incense stick. In India, where an Incense stick plays an integral role in worshipping and balancing the aura, Moksh Agarbattis plays a prominent role. Moksh Agarbatti is a wholesale Incense Sticks manufacturer which offers agarbattis with an enthralling aroma. This agarbatti manufacturer also is a leading Incense sticks supplier in India.

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