Top 5 Safety Tips to handle burning Incense Stick with Care

13 Jun 2016

Top 5 Safety Tips to handle burning Incense Stick with Care

An incense stick fills the aura with a mesmerizing scent that is no less than a blessing for our nostrils. But if not placed properly or not paid proper attention, a burning incense stick may harm in various ways.

Though safety instructions are mostly printed on the pack by the manufacturers of incense sticks in India but below mentioned safety tips could shield you from any harm arising out of a burning incense stick.

1) Place your burning stick away from curtains, lampshades and all those objects that could catch fire easily.

2) Make sure that you have a ventilated area. We all need fresh air to breathe and thus, while you take in the aroma ensure that you take in fresh air too.

3) Never leave the burning incense stick or incense cone unattended. If you are going out of your place or going to sleep, put out the agarbatti by dipping the burning end in water.

4) Never ever burn an incense stick inside a closet. Burning it in the wardrobe or closed space could lead to potential fire hazard. Also, the oily smoke from some synthetic incense may cause the fabrics to lose their color.

5) Keep the burning stick away from the reach of children as well as pets. Innocent curiosity might cause some serious damage.

Moksh Agarbatti, one of the leading incense stick suppliers of India, comprehends well the safety measures while burning incense sticks and therefore, it also endeavors to educate people about relishing the fragrance of incense sticks safely.

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