Tips to use Incense Sticks

22 Jan 2015

Tips to use Incense Sticks

Incense is burnt to produce aromatic fragrance at different places for different purposes. People choose to burn incense for relaxing, for religious purposes, or to simply enjoy the smell of it. Basically used as an air purifier, incense sticks find their way from long ago. To experience the best out of the aromatic incense sticks, you should know the way to use them properly. Keeping with the fact in mind, we bring to you the tips to use incense sticks

  • You should be conscious of where you burn your incense and what may come in contact with it. Avoid keeping the burning incense near a flammable material.

  • Choose a good incense holder which can collect all the ashes and keep the sticks intact.

  • Make sure that the incense holder, you use, is placed on a flat surface.

  • The ash so produced, can lead to discoloration of or stains on fabrics or wood in case the holder is not proper.

  • You should use incense sticks in a ventilated room that has plenty of fresh air. The smoke produced after the incense is burnt can cause breathing problems and allergies to many.

  • An incense lasts up to 15-20 minutes. If burning the entire stick is not required, you may dip the tip of incense in water to make sure that it is completely out.



  • Keep the incense out of the reach of pets or children

  • NEVER leave burning incense unattended or else it may lead to property hazards.

  • Keep the holder on the flat surface to avoid any kind of accidental happening.

  • Make sure that the incense is completely extinguished before you discard it.


The pleasure of sense to smell becomes an experience with the varied incense sticks available. However, these fairly priced incense sticks are to be used in a standard way. The key is that you NEVER leave the burning incense stick unattended!

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