The power of Incense sticks

25 Jan 2016

The power of Incense sticks

The scent of incense sticks can uplift our mood and infuse in us a positive vibe. Since ancient times incense sticks have remained a powerful tool in meditation, worship, and other ritual practices.

Incense Stick and its power
Incense sticks are often used during prayer times and ritual practices. Incense sticks are believed to have powers that eliminate negative energy from the aura and purify it. The aroma of incense sticks also escalates sensual awareness and consciousness of those who come in its contact.

An Indispensable tool of worship
Incense sticks are widely used during prayers and other religious practices. It is believed that the worship use of agarbattis began in Egypt and then spread to rest of the globe. Incense is used in a plethora of religions for various purposes. Some of these religions include Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, etc. Buddhists use incense sticks in their temples and also for meditation purpose. In Hinduism, burning Incense sticks accompany almost every form of worship.

Incense Sticks when used personally
Incense sticks are so powerful that it helps in boosting the confidence and purify the soul. Being a very big aid in fighting depression, Incense Sticks are also a great medium in overcoming stress and emotional imbalance. All in all incense sticks have the power to rejuvenate our entire body.

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