The best incense for sincere worship

24 Nov 2014

The best incense for sincere worship

Incense is an important part of our culture and heritage. Every household has a dedicated room in which the Puja is carried out. Everyone whether young or old takes part in this. Hence, it is an integral part of our daily life as well.

Agarbatti, or incense sticks should have a pleasing fragrance, rather than a very strong one. A pleasing fragrance will ensure that your house is not choked with unnecessary smoke, while maintaining the fragrance level that you want. Usually incense is not paid much attention to, when it is being purchased. We have the habit of picking up anything that we see.

Moksh Agarbatti, is India’s premier manufacturer and exporter of Rose Incense sticks. These are of the highest quality, burning steadily, and giving out a soothing and a pleasant fragrance that is sure to lift your spirits.

A quick glance through the range of products that Moksh offers is enough to throw light upon the high quality offered by them.

Exotic sandalwood scents can be experienced in your home thanks to the sandalwood range from the house of Moksh Agarbatti. The sticks are manufactured using advanced processes so you have an incense stick that burns just enough to let out a great soothing scent of sandalwood around the house.

The trees that donate themselves to this noble cause are usually 50-80 years old, as it takes that long for them to mature. It is a very lengthy manufacturing process. The tree is left to be eaten by ants, who leave just the heartwood and the roots. The chandan fragrance induces a calm and meditative state. The fragrance only improves with age.

The salvation range is another from the house of Moksh. This evokes spiritual feelings and are high quality premium incense sticks.

The Heena or Henna range, uses the Henna shrub, which has exhibited aromatic properties and medicinal effects. This gives the mind an unforgettably soothing experience.

The Rose is often considered the king of flowers, and rightly so. Moksh has captured the fragrance of rose flowers, to create quality incense sticks. The sweet aroma of rose signifies purity and romance. The rose range from Moksh agarbatti lends a gratifying experience to the whole experience of the worship.

Moksh agarbatti offers a wide variety of incense sticks. These are used to invoke the blessings of God. These incense sticks are exported to other countries as well. These are of great quality. They do not scar and stain the surface where they burn, and they burn for a long time, emitting a pleasant fragrance to create a beautiful ambiance.

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