Some tips on healthier incense use

23 Mar 2015

Some tips on healthier incense use

Incense makes an integral part for a spiritual start of the day. For many, their day begins with offering prayers to the God. Burning incense is common practice while worshipping. However, burning incense produces smoke that is sometimes considered as a source of indoor pollutants. This smoke may be suffocating for people who have breathing or lung ailments.

The idea is to use a high quality and less smokier incense burning of which is not unpleasant for some. With the innovations and change in the demands, the preference for incense is now shifting towards the herbal variant of the incense sticks. But the choice of incense sticks may not be same for all the people. Hence, it is better to burn the incense sticks properly that reduce the agglomeration of the smoke.

You may make a note of a few things, as mentioned, to avoid such issues and enjoy the deep benefits of usage of incense sticks.

  • Always purchase and use a high quality incense that produces low smoke.
  • While the incense is burning, keep a window open ,at least a little.
  • If you are burning the incense in a small area, then use less number of incense sticks. You may put a paper clip (in the middle) preventing the incense stick from burning downwards.

The fragrance sticks from Moksh Agarbbati are eco-friendly that are best for mood enhancements and room fresheners. Moksh Agarbatti are emerging as the leading brand amongst the incense manufacturers. It is beneficial to use resins and burn them with natural oils. This will help to keep the toxic smoke away and will help to keep ourselves healthy.

The products of Moksh Agarbatti are also sold online. You may choose to ask for an expert advice before you make your final purchase.You may ask for the best of advice to purchase the incense with high quality and that produce low smoke. Moksh Agarbatti at provide a contact page that helps you while you make your selection for a healthy and effective incense stick.


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