15 Nov 2014


Rose, a sweet fragrant flower blossoms on a prickly shrub with its numerous meanings in mythology. Its various role can be listed with medicine, cosmetics, ornamental beauty, fragrance, aromatherapy and the list continues. Being the flower of the Venus and a symbol of beauty, rose is associated with worship of the Gods and the goddess. Its blooming has been witnessed in various colors like red, yellow, pink, violet etc.

Among all, red roses are believed to represent the bloodshed by the martyrs who died for their belief. This faith is of utmost importance in Christian philosophy. Christianity also states that initially roses were free of thorns but evil of Adam and Eve brought the holy plant thorns to its destiny. The other practical aspect of Roses in terms of its utility shows its 34 % use in incense sticks.


The rose incense sticks by Moksh are widely popular with its brands like Moksh Rose, Moksh Swarna Gulab. The rose incense sticks are lighted to glorify the idols of God and Goddess. Its role in incense sticks highlights the aroma which recalls unspoken sensations and deep visions to visualise. With an enchanting fragrance, Moksh agarbatti as a manufacturer of Rose Incense sticks serve devotees to pray, consumers to receive aromatherapy and an ambiance to breathe. Ayurveda says that it also heals stomach burning.

A strong link of Moksh agarbatti exporters, dealers and suppliers are inclined towards a noble reason to enlighten the exceptional role of rose aroma in agarbatti. Moksh can be easily availed engrossed in rose fragrant fumes from agarbatti. Manufactured in Bangalore, Moksh Swarn Gulab and Moksh Rose agarbatti are available at best affordable prices to serve the cause.

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