Inspired from nature, the floral range of Moksh Agarbattis has been created with utmost care. The subtle undertone of your favorite flowers is now successfully delivered to your homes to render positivity and calm to your abode. It brings back early memories of childhood when nature was at its blooming best and the understated fragrance of fresh flowers was omnipresent.


A beautiful amalgamation of various essential oils, the collection of oriental incense sticks reminds one of ancient India’s contributions to the oriental note. Its divine and sweet fragrance helps you to build concentration and purifies your dwelling.


The cosmetic line of Moksh incense sticks has a feminine appeal and is a tribute to the power of women. The perfume-like fragrance is very exotic which effortlessly charms your senses and enhances the energy of your home.


The woody range of incense sticks by Moksh is rooted in the very core of the Indian culture. Sandalwood is long associated with our rituals and has been used by kings and queens since times immemorial. The divine scent of sandalwood lightens up and adds a mystic charm to your ambience.


The widely popular citrusy fragrance now comes packaged in the form of incense sticks. The fresh and renewed scent has a fruity note which is light and refined and provides a positive vibe to your abode or place of worship.


The fragrance of Florabatti purifies your senses and is rightly named after the Gods. Shiv Bhakti, Sai Prasad, Swarna Ganesh, Swarna Sai have been created keeping in mind the preferences of the users and provide a beautiful aroma when lit.


The assorted range contains several alluring fragrances such as fruity, herbal, etc. The citrusy scent freshens up the surrounding and leaves a pleasant trail. Make the assorted incense sticks a part of your prayers and feel its divine smell pamper your senses.


Moksh brings the luxury and flamboyance of richly scented perfumes to its premium range of agarbattis. The multiple notes are curated to provide you a calming and highly satisfying aromatic experience.

Samaj Series

One of the most popular and initial products of Moksh Agarbatti, the Samaj series has a floral undertone and is an excellent combination of exotic and fragrant flowers. Bring home the Samaj series by Moksh Agarbatti and indulge your senses in the enthralling aroma of beautiful blooms.

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