Popular Incense Sticks- Must to Experience!

18 Feb 2015

Popular Incense Sticks- Must to Experience!

In India, incense sticks find their religious value more than any in other use. Our rich historical and cultural background, calls for varied use of incense sticks. More than being used for prayers, incense sticks are used as a natural disinfectant too. Earlier the manufacturing of incense was done with hands and natural chemicals. But with the change in the uses and increase in the application, manufacturing of agarbatties include natural oils and resins with a natural fragrance.

The incense sticks are available in different fragrance with different properties. Each fragrant stick has its own value and effect to pacify human mind, body and soul. India produces the largest number of and varieties of incense sticks. Despite a decent range of incense sticks, a few have become popular. These are basic yet important ones that are must to experience. Following are the incense sticks that are popular:

  • Lavender: It is a very unique fragrance. Lavender is also used in repelling insects. It is most popular and commonly available fragrance in almost all the households as well as religious programs. The fragrance soothes the mind with its sweet scent. A relaxing fragrance is used to promote restful sleep.
  • Rose: From times immemorial, Rose has been used to express the feeling of love, liking or friendship. So is the fragrant stick. The rose extracts are widely used in incense sticks to create a unique aroma and atmosphere. The fragrance helps connect the loved ones better and hence is favorite for many people. The Rose incense stick is helpful to delight the senses and reinvigorate the feelings.
  • Champa: Another flower that is used to make fragrance for incense sticks is Champa. It is an enchanting fragrance that is popularly used for meditation and yoga. Champa is called as an uplifting spiritual fragrance from India.
  • Sandalwood: Sandalwood fragrance is probably most widely used fragrance. It is liked for its soothing and captivating scent. The incense sticks made from Sandal come with a high price as the production of sandalwood falls under the control of government. However, the fragrant stick is used to promote calmness and well being.
  • Jasmine: Another very common and popular incense stick is that of Jasmine. The fragrant stick is known for its sweetness. It is used to help blossom love and romance.

All the aromatic sticks as discussed here are manufactured by Moksh Agarbatti. Generally, the packaging is available in three varieties. Moksh Agarbatti stands as one amongst the largest producer of incense sticks. They have promoted sales via their website as well for you to experience.

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