Natural Incense Sticks

23 Dec 2014

Natural Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks, a word that in itself creates an aura of fresh aroma and a fragrance leading to a relaxation feel to breathe. The creators who gave birth to Incense Sticks thankfully gifted us the magical sticks to reward our worships, ceremonies as well as  each and every ritual of ours. Incense sticks are of two major types Natural as well as synthetic in nature.


Natural Incense Sticks are magical sticks which are coated with materials naturally obtained from the nature. They have ingredients which are gifts from God and leave no side effects behind. Apart from having therapeutic effects, creating an environment of serenity and a way leading to almighty these Incense Sticks leave aroma taking the inhalers to relax in harmony with the nature.

These natural Incense sticks  release a pleasing fragrance to ensure that the home is not choked with unwanted smoke, while maintaining the fragrance level that everyone wants. Some of the major natural Incense Sticks ingredients are :


Sandalwood - Class of wood obtained from trees. Incense sticks usually have essential oil from sandalwood. Both the oil and the wood have the fragrance distinct to be accepted since centuries.The fragrance released from sandalwood coated sticks mark a religious significance and is believed to be a skin antiseptic.


Mogra  – A Flower predominantly found in India is a natural source in Incense Sticks.The flower is believed to have a soothing aroma, long lasting fragrance and a pure substance to breathe in.The fragrance has an aesthetic appeal and involves no man made ingredients or polluting agents in its composition.


MuskA fragrance used as a base note in various incense sticks.It is also prized as a wonderful fixative, which reduces the evaporation rate and allows the original composition to last longer while keeping its true fragrance.


The ingredients being natural in its form and composition leads to no significant pollution and a reduced hamper to the environment as well.The Incense sticks release fragrance which takes you to a world to feel being in a safe eco friendly environment where the fragrance make you fall in lap of mountains, gardens and forest.


To experience the bliss of such natural fragrance India is blessed to have Banglore based company, Moksh Agarbatti, natural incense sticks manufacturers in India. The company has a strong network of suppliers, wholesalers and exporters to let the world and India breath the aromatic fumes of natural gifts of lord. The Incense sticks in India usage includes to be  the greeting apparatus to the idols, an aid to create an environment of holiness  and a instrument to let you enter relaxation as well as purity.

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