Liberation from self conscious: Moksh

06 Nov 2014

Liberation from self conscious: Moksh

Moksh implies release, deliverance and emancipation. “Always do well to others. Be selfless, mentally remove everything and be free”, Vimukti, vimoksha and moksh is what we achieve. Moksh teaches us that attachment leads to suffering. Salvation sets a human soul emotionally free. Do not hate the evil-hearted, jealous and the selfish; it is they who promote your moksh. Salvation demonstrates that the way back to the Lord is to acknowledge our need of a saver and to accept the almighty. Salvation is free, but everyone must avail the eternal bliss. Another phase of moksh illustrates that a lack of ethical culture can never lead to salvation. The God with open arms welcomes humbleness, kindness, humanity, patient believers and a follower of complete faith. Moksh is when in a cool breeze of winter, you discover an invincible summer.

Hinduism, a dominant way of living in a land of diverse culture, India teaches eternal principles as honesty, mercy, purity, self restrain. The oldest religion details moksh as liberation of Atman (essential self) soul from cycle of birth and death forever. The religion pays emphasis on daily puja, recitations, pilgrimages etc., all carried out in a serene environment of aroma in the environment. Moksh informs human being to liberate oneself from karma, thereby controlling 5 senses and mind. This is not the entrance to moksh, to win salvation the need is to achieve absolute wisdom, live in abode of God, perform meditation and get involved enough in prayers to prove oneself a moksh seeking soul.

To knock the abode of God, receive blessings of Almighty and to feel the air of wisdom there is an eligibility to melt in prayers, beneath fragrance of silence, peace and worship. Our veds, literatures and epics state that fragrance aids to transform a soul into a heaven of peace and harmony. Aroma is said to lift the spirits to heaven. Mogra, rose, chandan, kewda are marked to be sacred and a way to welcome god  in moksh finding sacred soul.

To let a human soul meet God, achieve salvation and hold true wisdom is a noble cause which moksh incense sticks are serving. Moksh agarbatti is a gift evolved out of bamboo sticks covered with a blend of aromatic entities through manual folding and introduction of fragrances like sandalwood, kewda, mogra, available in best quality at affordable prices.


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