Journey of the Moksh

13 Nov 2014

Journey of the Moksh

To every story there is a hero and to that stories, there are troughs and crests too. Needless to mention, every story is a story backed by hard work, dedication and blessings of Almighty. Here is such a magical journey of the incense sticks company, “The Moksh Agarbatti.”


Mr. Sesh Kiran Ashiya, a selling agent for a few FMCG companies in 1975 with his wisdom and hard labour laid the foundation of Moksh agarbatti. A man of great wisdom and dedication, who through his judgement about market’s taste and preferences build the Moksh agarbatti. He started this successful company with a workforce of 20 along with his son, Mr. Anand kumar Ashiya. The tremendous growth of the company is a credit from the down to earth nature and experiential learnings of Mr. Sesh kiran.


A great enthusiasm of his in fragrant sticks inclined his personal involvement towards research and development for new products and packaging. Swarna champa and Samaj are largest selling brands in the country, an invention from unique keen interest of Mr. Sesh. Products like Moksh Rose, Moksh Sandalwood, Moksh Heena, Moksh Salvation and Holy Prayer are leading players in niche market, again a true gift from the man of greatness and achievement, Mr.Sesh. A key to inspiration and a figure to symbolise are still least words to describe him.


As time evolved, a helping hand accompanied the organisation, Mr. Anand Kumar Ashiya. A new leader to the Moksh organisation and a son of a victorious father. He is a dynamic leader who has stamped tremendous growth to the organisation within one and a half decades with products as floral fragrance, woody fragrance, cosmetic fragrance and many more dwelling fragrances. His professional qualification and experience has turned a family managed firm to a very professional managed company. Year 2012 – 13 has witnessed his governance and zenith of excellence with a turnover of more than Rs. 110 crore.

It is with the blessings of lord, result of commitment and hard work that the production has increased to 1.5 crore agarbatti per day.

With a motto of strive to excellence, the Moksh Agarbatti has Rose, Sandalwood, Heena, Holy Prayer and Salvation as its new premium brands. The company now offers around 35 brands in 100 stock keeping units, 15 company depots and a network of 1000 stockist supplying products to consumers throughout India, some being MTO’s like Reliance, Smart, Food Express etc. Gearing towards annual turnover of Rs. 200 by 2015, which will by far be the most impressive performance by any Agarbatti company, the story dictates its heroism.


Moksh Agarbatti also through its CSR activities creates employment for weaker section of the society as well as for women. Accolades in the form of letters from consumers appreciating the quality really brings a reason to celebrate and a motivation to add more credits to this story. 

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