Incense Sticks: You have been keeping them at a wrong angle

23 Dec 2015

Incense Sticks: You have been keeping them at a wrong angle

Everyone cherish the aroma that is produced by incense sticks. One also wants the same aroma to stay in the aura for a very long time. To fulfill the same wish, one needs to follow certain instructions which could leave the incense sticks lit for a very long time and produce mesmerizing scent for the same period of time.

Light it properly: It is very much essential that once the incense stick is lit, you should not blow the flame soon. Keep the flame on the incense stick for a maximum of ten seconds.

Place the incense stick at a specific angle: Most of us place incense sticks on any flat object and put a heavy object on its end for a grip. But keeping the stick in the same way as shown in the image, could leave it burning and producing scent for a very long time.

Upside down - Incense sticks

Upright VS Upside Down: If you place your incense stick upside down and not upright then try to change your habit. Experiments show that an incense stick placed upside down burns 25% faster. Hence, for scent to be released from incense stick for a longer time, it is advised to keep it in upright direction.

Upside down vs Upright | Moksh Incense sticks

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