Incense Sticks Market Growing in India

05 Jan 2015

Incense Sticks Market Growing in India

Incense  sticks have always been in mythology of every religion in the world. In India, incense sticks or agarbatti is deeply rooted with all social and religious activities as well as functions. In India whether one is praying to God, there is a marriage or any other function, either you have bought a new vehicle or home, Agarbatti will also be enlightened.


According to 2009 data, India was declared as the leader of Agarbatti production that  fulfils almost half of the world’s requirement .India exports incense sticks to almost 90 countries in the world. Incense sticks export earnings have crossed 400 crore ladder with domestic market rugs around  2000 crores. Agarbatti market is increasing at a high rate of 7% per year. Also during the festive season like Diwali, Dussehra and Navratri, there is a sudden rise in the demand of incense sticks through India.


As the Indian Incense sticks market is huge, a lot of agarbatti manufacturers like Moksh are manufacturing and supplying different types of incense sticks in proportionate quantity to cater the need of customers. As per the Wikipedia, there are approximately 5000 incense sticks companies in India which employs more than 2,00,000 women too. And out of the total companies, around 500 are based in Bangalore (including most of the big companies).


In India, Karnataka is the leading manufacturer of incense sticks . Bangalore and Mysore are the major centers, holding a prominent position in incense stick manufacturing industry. Moksh agarbatti  is an example to the same, based in Bangalore with its intesive network.It  is also a leading manufacturer and supplier of almost 35 brands of incense sticks like Rose, Sandalwoood, Nag champa, swarna champa, heena, etc.


Moksh Agarbatti  was found in 1996 with the main objective of manufacturing agarbatti.It has now become one of the major Incense sticks manufacturing companies in the country with more than 600 employees and manufacturing capacity of more than 1.5 crore incense sticks per day.


Moksh agarbatti is not only supplied within India but is also exported to more than 15 countries like US, Malaysia, etc. making it to be the one of the big incense sticks exporter also.

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