Incense Sticks and their use in SPA or meditation

24 Jan 2015

Incense Sticks and their use in SPA or meditation

Incense sticks are believed to act as the magical tool. Incense sticks find their utility for distinct purposes starting from meditation to elaborate functions. The very use of incense sticks helps to raise the energy, and achieve the state of clarity and purity. Worth of the incense sticks can be judged with their multiple uses like that for spiritual, religious, medicinal, therapeutic, and many others.

These days with the change in the lifestyles, the need for relaxation has increased. The aroma of incense helps reduce tension and relaxes mind and body. In modern times also, meditation and body massage has found their place. Different fragrant sticks cast different effects that eases our connection with the outer world and with the world within us.

Some of the sticks that help us to meditate and relax ourselves are:

  • Amber: It strengthens the nervous system and reduces tensions

  • Coconut: It provides renewed energy and improves circulation

  • Lavender: Most commonly used fragrant stick that revives the body system’s natural balance

  • Vanilla: It helps to relax the body with its sweet fragrance

  • Frankincense: The fragrance promotes calmness and peace. It is commonly used to relieve stress and also aids in meditation.

Other fragrant sticks like Sandalwood and Cedarwood is also used for their therapeutic properties. Sandalwood incense helps in emotional and spiritual healing unlike Cedarwood that helps to illuminate the need for meditation. It is the property of the incense sticks that calls for their use in activities like SPA and meditation.

Their idea is to offer fragrance that soothes the mind of the consumers. Moksh Agarbatti brings for us range of products like lavender and sandalwood that are widely used for meditation. Moksh Agarbatti is an innovative brand that has innovated into herbal incense sticks as well.

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