Incense purifies sacred places!

19 Mar 2015

Incense purifies sacred places!

For any culture or any background, belief in the almighty has brought lots of faith in the civilizations. To worship and enhance the spirits of dedication, the basic need is a clean and clear environment. It refers to the purification of the air around and nullify the negative air around. The ritual of purification is done by the use of incense sticks and is referred as Smudging. The way of living and escalating demands has given rise to the level of anger and dissatisfaction amongst people. For offering prayers, it requires clearing the atmosphere filled with negative vibrations caused by anger, sadness, illness or evil spirits.

Some of the most effective incense sticks that are used to smudge the negative air are cedar, pine ,lavender, sage, and sweetgrass. The pungent smoke rising from burning the herbs drives the negativity away. Smudging is an ancient art and ceremony that is to be followed in an efficient manner.

Along with the sacred places or places of worship a positive atmosphere at home and at work place is equally important. The step to purify the place by smudging is easy to follow. You may note the same as under with a candle, a fireproof container and herbs for purification.

  • Take the bundle of herbs and put them to fire and place it in  a fireproof container.
  • It is believed to start from the east and make a clockwise rotation of the burning herb of the container.
  • You may fan the smoke in all directions, down towards earth and up towards the sky.
  • While taking around alongside the perimeter of the room, you may believe that all negativity attaches to the smoke and will vanish with the smoke of the herbs or the incense sticks.
  • Take care to end the burning herbs or incense to avoid any mishap.

Try the same to purify a sacred place at home and outside.

From the ancient times, burning dhoop is a common practice to purify the atmosphere and fill it with positivity around. You may choose your incense to cleanse and purify the air for your family. Mokshagarbatti offers a wide array of products for you to pick for different purposes. Check the collection of sticks and dhoop at Moksh Agarbatti and bring home zeal, passion and positivity.



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