Incense Connect with our Mind and Soul..

14 Jan 2015

Incense Connect with our Mind and Soul..

‘Incense’ is a word derived from Latin word ‘incensum’-that implies to set on fire. When burnt incense produces fragrant odor. Incense is made up of woods and resins that helps primarily to soothe mind and soul. Incense odor reduces the negative energies like the way a light reduces darkness. Mostly incense is believed to be used as a room freshener. Other than this, Incense is used widely as the aroma helps in:

  • Psychic Solution and Theraupitic Treatment: Different fragrant sticks purify the mind and heals it for the negative energies and thoughts. Incense sticks facilitates meditation and generates positive vibrations. The aroma helps to condition the mind and soul. Across various cultures like the Japanese, the aromatic sticks were used to treat health disorders.

  • Fighting Depression: Burning frankincense alleviates depression and anxiety. This fragrant stick significantly affects brain areas involved in emotions, thereby reducing the anxiety and depression

  • Preventing Infection: Many aromatic incense is used as disinfectants. They possess antibacterial properties.Many herbs also act as antiseptics. Gathering this smoke and rubbing it over the wound kills germs and enhances the healing. Several incense smoke has antibacterial, fungicidal, and insecticidal properties that purify air preventing several infections.

  • Aids Insomnia: Incense has a calming effect on the mind that relaxes the nerves and induces sleep. The sedative properties of few herbs used in incense aid insomnia. The best fact is that inhaling few aromas through incense is not habit forming. Apart from this, it is safe to use and is easy to relax the mind and soul.

  • Enhancing Concentration: When used at work or while studying, fragrance from incense sticks enables clear thinking. It helps to develop clear state of awareness. This is the reason for it to be for meditation as it not only purifies the air but also opens up the thoughts.

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