Incense as a Medicine

15 Apr 2015

Incense as a Medicine

The use of incense is ingrained in our lives from morning prayers to the spa, meditation and many other rituals. A variety of incense sticks are available in the market that contains oils and  resins. Incense is a material that produces smoke and fragrance when burnt. When we talk about fragrance, the application takes to a lot many areas like spa, meditation, yoga and etc. In many different ways, incense is widely used for its healing art.

Therapeutic treatments with incense gives relief to physical and mental ailments. The use of incense for aromatherapy have now come for ages. It can positively affect our minds and  moods apart from healing our skin, our respiratory systems and many other physiological systems. When you are relaxed, then the power to concentrate multiplies that brings you close to the divine power.

Making of incense is an art that seems to be wear away as the number of artisan engaged in such activities is reducing. Different countries like Japan, China, India and many others have kept the art of making incense intact. From ancient times, they have developed incense that could be used for the medicinal purposes.

Moksh Agarbatti has emerged in southern India to propagate the knowledge and the exact know how about incense sticks. The variety of incense that Moksh Agarbatti has offered is inimitable. Their basic idea is to impact the use of natural ingredients for making of incense sticks again. For some, use of incense sticks is a way of self satisfaction, enjoyment and meditation for its medicinal qualities. It is a way to make a connection with God.

The effect of incense, however differs from person to person. Not all scents attract a person. The fragrance that satisfies and connect with one may not connect with another being. The fusion of a particular aromatic herb for medicinal benefit is a part of medicinal incense crafting. It is believed that an incense made with the herbs and a blend of positive prayers with an intention of exceptional results is unmatched.

Making a wonderful medicine, incense is not an easy task and it needs skill of the adept craftsmen. Moskh Agarbatti with its varied product category tries to innovate products that can be best used for medicinal requirements.

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