Incense –a mean of our attachment to God.

21 May 2015

Incense –a mean of our attachment to God.

Starting our day with family rushing to school, office or work, an immense and a dire need of complacent activity is felt that can simply pacify and calm each mind. A happy start of the day can bring positive energy for a long day. Every one resists pressures and tensions,but are still exposed to it looking to the lifestyles and changing demands.

For a gratified beginning, try to please your senses with the perfect aromas and smells of the incense sticks. For many, the smoke of incense does not only relate to the fragrance,but also  helps to connect well for the concentration and meditation. The idea is to channelize all the energies around for the best results that helps to gain positivity and strength.

A healthy mind liberates positive vibration both within and in the outer world. If you can make a person feel better and happy in life, you are in a way establishing a connection with God. Apart from the meditation and worshipping God, incense fragrance is a source or means of our attachment to God. As per the human belief, when you do good to others or you worship with complete faith, you get closer to the almighty God. Once you are more attached, you are more healthy from within that keeps you motivated and drive your forces to deliver better.

Incense sticks with different fragrance are available easily. Looking at the consumption and choice, the industry is constantly engaged in developing newer fragrances. Like it is said an apple  a day keeps the doctor away, similarly oodles of positivity will keep the omens away from you and your family. Engage yourself with the meditation activities at the start of the day. Incense sticks help a lot in driving the negative energies away to concentrate better. As per our religion, the practice of worshipping God relates to culmination of bad and omen. The closer we are to God, the better we perform is our lives. For this, burning an incense is must as it drives the bad smell and energies purifying the air around.

Fragrant incense like lavender, rose, sandalwood, jasmine and many others can be used for you to create a deep rooted association with God. In other words, aromatic incense sticks are the best means of our attachment to God.

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