Importance of Incense Sticks in India

25 Dec 2014

Importance of Incense Sticks in India

It is different cultures and religions in India that brings us close to the deep-rooted customs and rituals. Devotion and faith is synonymous of practicing lighting of incense sticks since time immemorial. The very use of incense sticks insinuates the place with immense positive energy.

As a part of Hindu customs, incense sticks are lighted to worship God. It is believed that the rings of smoke that rise high carry our prayers to almighty. Thought of creating pure and beautiful atmosphere inspires to use the aromatic incense sticks. The aroma that spreads in air heals and soothes the mind, body and soul. Not only this, smoke from incense helps to relax and alleviate mental worries. A positive atmosphere aids in reducing depression. A pure ambience is preferred to perform religious ceremonies and meditation. Incense smoke removes all foul smell and acts as disinfectant. A big reason of using the sticks in death and condolence ceremonies is to reduce the foul smell and create a positive air.

Incense sticks form a part of not only Hindu customs but also of Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese culture. The aromatic smoke finds its use in medicinal therapies also.

From ages, large companies like Moksh Agarbatti, are into manufacturing of incense sticks. The varied fragrances manufactured by these companies are woody, floral, fruity, etc. The business of incense sticks is by and large expanding through online selling.

Amongst the incense manufacturers Moksh Agarbatti brings wide array of sticks. With about 35 kinds of fragrance, they are leading exporters also and sell their incense sticks online as well. One of their flagship sticks “Swarna Champa” speeds up concentration and ease meditation. The sticks can be used for prayers, meditation, yoga, medicinal therapies and religious ceremonies.

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