Impact of Incense stick on Body, Mind and Soul

12 Nov 2014

Impact of Incense stick on Body, Mind and Soul


Fragrance evolved from incense sticks manufactured by Moksh have a direct effect on the olfactory system, organs and the limbic system .The olfactory system has nervous connections from nose to all ways in the brain, which links to the emotions .In addition, it creates a soothing metabolism towards emotional and behavioural responses providing relief and suppressing stress. Amidst the fog of release, Agarbatti creates a soothing effect towards the body and soul of a person. Meditation brings a relief folded in fragrance of agarbatti like Moksh agarbatti.


The Incense sticks have magical impact to create an aura of greetings to the God. At Moksh we have whole range of herbal incense sticks which includes products like Bhakti, Holy Prayer, Salvation Incense sticks, etc. to create right ambiance to connect with Supreme Being. Aroma is an ingredient to create an environment to indulge in worship. Yoga and fragrance are closely related to reach the Holy Spirit floating in air with the fragrant sticks.



Incense sticks serving its various uses in aromatherapy have proved its role in increasing blood regulation by its connection towards brain and sensory glands located in our nose and nasal cavity. It relieves congestion and boosts our immune system too. Rose, mogra and sandalwood essence from Moksh agarbatti has really proved its name for the same when intensively employed in aromatherapy.

The fragrance leaves an impression for the body to let the body metabolise to its best with the brain and body in a happy mood.


Incense sticks are believed to be a rejuvenating agent to the body engrossed beneath the layer of refreshing fragrance and does purification of a soul to carry out rituals, ceremonies or worship god and goddesses. The rejuvenation it creates energises a soul and inculcates an urge for a fresh start. Ambience with the magical incense sticks like Moksh swarna champa induce an environment to let a soul rejuvenate in peace and purify the soul with the spirit of holiness. Lighting these magical sticks a person places his wishes, hopes and desires in God’s path to be fulfilled.


Incense sticks prove out to be a reflection of spirituality and ethical change to bring about in ourselves a heal to body, mind and soul. Incense sticks like Moksh swarna champa is something which marks a new start. Weddings, Inaugurations, Birth or death ceremonies, all are initiated by lightening of incense sticks to invite the spirit of God to the ritual. A spiritual self is evolved when a soul lost in worship is ignited with the fragrant fumes from agarbatti.


Next time whenever you are in a mood to relax, need an exceptionally best environment to breathe in and are in an urge to search God, don’t forget to light the magical Moksh agarbatti and live the breeze.”

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