Herbal Incense Sticks

31 Dec 2014

Herbal Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are related to spiritual beliefs, meditation, purification of air around and therapeutic treatment. Moksh Agarbatti offers a wide array of incense sticks. Most valued amongst these are the herbal incense sticks. Adding to the existing products, Moksh Agarbatti made forte with Herbal Incense Sticks. The essence of salvation and feeling of getting free from the circle of life and death correlates well with the fragrance of the herbal products. With the increase in stress in our lives, no one can deny the herbal power.

The different flavors of herbal sticks reach the minds of the people and arouse in them the connection to God. The herbal sticks are further available in a range of Bhakti, Devotee, Heena, Holy Prayer and Salvation. Each has its own fragrance and relevance as well. Heena finds its relevance from ancient times. It also has the aromatic property and is useful for medicinal therapies. The devotee is made with an idea of direct offering to God. It is available in a special zip pack to maintain its original fragrance. Range of Holy Prayer and Salvation are exclusive products that offer a fit environment for prayers and evokes spirituality. Each packet consists of 20 sticks.

Moksh Agarbatti is into manufacturing since ages. With the expansion and popularity,  they are now into exporters of incense sticks. About 35 types of incense sticks are being manufactured at their Bangalore based unit.  The premium quality sticks are being supplied all across India. Moksh Agarbatti is delivered through online also.
Now try to make the environment at your home pure and positive with the herbal incense sticks.

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