Fragrance of Virtue, Sandalwood

08 Nov 2014

Fragrance of Virtue, Sandalwood

An engine to implement, innovate, create and spread aroma is largely shouldered upon incense sticks. The magical incense sticks are found in various fragrances like rose, mogra, sandalwood etc. which have various uses in our day to day life. Yet, sandalwood is believed to be a symbol of spirituality, hope, relief and safety.


Chandan, “the most sacred herb of Ayurveda” is a yellow, heavy and purified gritty wood. Its yellow colour symbolises eternal holiness and withstands serenity in its own. The uniqueness that sandalwood imparts lies in its fragrance which persists for decades. Sandalwood originates from a hemi parasite tree and is majorly found in the Western ghats of India. The sandalwood oil so added in incense stick is pumped from the Sandalwood tree trunk at its center, and is believed to be best when the tree’s age is close to 60 years. Powdered wood undergoes boiling, steaming, distillation and is brought to use, especially in incense sticks. Suppliers, manufacturers and users proudly state that the sandalwood oil is a precious wood scent. Sandalwood oil when incorporated in incense sticks plays a major contribution to indulge with respect to Hinduism. According to Hinduism, the sandalwood incense sticks are an integral part of rituals and ceremonies. To mark a religious vessel and to illuminate the icons of Gods and Goddesses, sandalwood incense sticks are employed. Graves of sufis are also made to glow amidst the fumes released from sandalwood incense sticks.


Sandalwood is also known as as Chandan. Sandalwood incense sticks are found in various forms as masala agarbatti, lending a fragrance of virtue and humbleness. Lost among he aroma of sandalwood incense sticks, a path directing towards God and spirituality can be reached. Uses of these fragrant sticks are found to be in ceremonies, inaugurations, rituals and marriages too. Creation of ambience, aesthetics  and aromatherapy too adds icing to the cake of its utility.

Moksh agarbatti, fragrance incense sticks manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, exporters is engaged in a noble attempt to support the Indian habit of lighting incense sticks, both during morning and evening prayers. The Ayurveda believes that the Aromatherapy in presence of sandalwood helps in reducing stress and moksh agarbatti supports the same. Moksh agarbatti manufactured in Bangalore implies and involves humans to meditate and pray. Sandalwood moksh agarbatti permits the body to relax and removes stress too.

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