Different flavors of Incense Sticks

09 Jan 2015

Different flavors of Incense Sticks

The hidden force of fragrance is immeasurable. Aromatic incense casts positive effects on mood, heals mind, reduces stress and enhances sleep. People’s inclination towards a better and a soothing smell gave birth to different flavors of incense sticks. From the ancient to the modern times, incense sticks have always found a place for itself. Different flavors connect with different healings. Some of the common but mostly used flavors are:

  • Aloeswood: Finding its base from Japan, it is the unique, spicy, sweet and woody scent.

  • Cedarwood: The wonderful aroma of Cedarwood is used as a mosquito repellant. It is also used to treat nervous and stress related disorders.

  • Magic Temple: It relates to the spicy, sweet, exotic aroma with a hint of cinnamon.

  • Red Sandal Wood: Reminiscient of Red Forest, it is sweet and woody smell unlike sandalwood.

  • Lavender: The sweet, strong aroma of lavender used to make incense sticks help to treat depression, headaches , hypertension and other disorders.

  • Red Willow Bark: Used by Native American in purifying ceremonies. It gives off sweet, woody aroma.

Some of the flavors offered by Moksh Agarbatti like

  • Woody: Three types of woody fragrance available are Gold Sandal, Sandal Wood, Swarna Chandan. The woody aromatic incense sticks are believed to produce high spiritual vibration needed for prayer and meditation.

  • Floral: Incense sticks with floral aroma, turn on the feeling of love. The fragrance arouses the devotion for God. Varying from Jasmine, Lucky Kewda, Swarna Champa, Swarna Mogra, Swarna Rajnigandha and many more.

  • Oriental: A very specialized product of incense sticks that comes from Moksh Agarbatti is Oriental that relates to Japanese, Korean, Asian, Byzantine and Chinese. Across different cultures the usage and relevance differ. But most of these oriental sticks are used for meditation and medicinal therapies.

Moksh Agarbatti offers a combination of flowers blended with herbal ingredients named as Swarna Divya Sugandha. One of the flavors in the name of ‘floralbatti’ has a wide spreading fragrance. Moksh Agarbatti is one of the leading manufacturers of fragrance incense sticks. It falls amongst the leading incense sticks suppliers in India. With their three production plants based out in Bangalore, the exports have risen. Moksh Agarbatti comes up with unique and incomparable flavors of incense sticks.

Indian incense sticks with different flavors fall into different categories. The wood base incense sticks are soaked in perfumes for a variety of sticks. Each flavor and type of fragrance sticks find their different use.

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