Did you try these 5 Agarbattis in your home?

03 Feb 2016

Did you try these 5 Agarbattis in your home?

India is a leading producer of numerous varieties of agarbattis. Moksh Agarbatti, being a leading agarbatti supplier, contributes a lot in offering new aromas in the form of agarbattis. They are used in worship places, yoga centers, meditation centers, spas, etc. But if you are confused as to which agarbatti you should use in your home then you can start with the following agarbattis.

Swarna Champa Agarbatti: Moksh Agarbatti, a wholesale agarbatti manufacturer, produces swarna champ agarbatti in bulk to flourish your home with its enthralling aroma. Champa is a flower that is processed to make agarbattis. It is widely used in India for its soothing and distinct nature.

Sandalwood Agarbatti: Sandalwood Agarbatti is perhaps the most used agarbatti in India and even across the globe. Its captivating scent blesses our nostrils with a mesmerizing aroma and has a soothing effect on our body. It relaxes our mind and removes the bad aura from our home. Moksh Agarbatti offers Sandalwood fragrance that surely binds anyone with its aroma.

Rose Agarbatti: Rose is a flower that is adored by everyone. It has been a synonym of love and it’s been praised for its aroma since centuries. Moksh Agarbatti, the widely acclaimed rose agarbatti exporters, manufacturers and supplies it in India. It ensures that its aroma fills any space with the natural aroma and leave a subtle scent behind.

Swarna Lavender Agarbattis: The sweet aroma of lavender refreshes lives and mind. It boosts energy as well as stamina. Moksh offers the divine fragrance of lavender that bestows the aura of your place a sweet scent.

Jasmine Agarbatti: Widely used for its captivating scent, Jasmine agarbatti is something that can be used in your home for a soothing effect. Moksh Agarbatti is a leading manufacturer and exporter of jasmine agarbatti that brings the scent of Jasmine to your abode.

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