Celebrate this Holi with vibrant colors and enchanting fragrance!

05 Mar 2015

Celebrate this Holi with vibrant colors and enchanting fragrance!

Holi is a festival of colors that symbolizes happiness in different shades and colors. From the ancient times, the festival is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm to spread love and happiness. For love to cultivate we need hearts filled with joy and air filled with romantic fragrances. The celebration starts with the holika bonfire around which people pray, sing and dance. Following the bonfire, the next morning starts with the carnival of colors where people meet to color each other with dry and organic colors on this day.

This Holi, cherish your each moment spent with your loved ones, organic colors and enchanting fragrance that keeps all of you hail and hearty. You may pick any fragrant incense stick that you may like for gatherings like Floral, woody, herbal or may be cosmetic. Apart from this every Hindu festival comes with lots of worship and offerings to the almighty. Use of incense sticks for the same is very common. As specially in Hindu culture, the values and customs hold importance. They feel important to always worship God and thank the ultimate power for everything they have in their lives.

For worship and prayers, fragrant incense sticks like oriental, floral, herbal may be best to use. The incense sticks when burnt releases smoke that negates the effect of all evil power. Hence, the bonfire is made as Hindus celebrates the end of the times of holika. Different cultures and regions have different styles of worshipping. Like in Braj region the festivity lasts for more than a week and in south India, some worship and make offerings to kaamdeva, the love God of Indians.

For your to make the festival enjoyable and memorable, play with herbal colors to save water as well.Decorate your home with rangolis (made of color on ground to show your hospitality to the guests) and burn incense sticks to purify the atmosphere.

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