Rose Incense Sticks


Quantity : 10 Sticks

Rose Incense Sticks


Quantity : 25 Grams

Available in different sizes

Rose Incense Sticks

Product Detail
Packet Quantity : 10 Sticks
Economy Quantity : 25 Grams

Rose Incense Sticks Exporter in India

Rose is a flower loved by all. Its beauty has been talked about for centuries by poets, artists and romantics. The sweet fragrance of rose has been imitated and captured for a number of purposes, such as perfumes, room fresheners, incense sticks, etc. MokshAgarbatti, the widely acclaimed rose incense sticks exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers in Bangalore, India produce the best incense sticks that fill any space with the natural aroma of the wonderful flower and leave a subtle scent behind.Commonly used in temples, shrines, mosques and other religious places to call upon the Lord and seek his blessings, the rose incense sticks are also widely used for meditation and calming purposes. Available in a variety of packages such as hexagon, economy, pouch, square, jumbo, etc. each of these packets can be used to serve different quantitative requirements. Made out of fresh rose petals, the Moksh rose incense sticks have captivated the hearts of millions of users and continues to be loved by millions more.Our enormous industry experience has helped us emerge as a distinguished exporter, processor, manufacturer, supplier and trader of Rose incense sticks.

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The Best Incense for Sincere worship

Rose-  An Indispensable compliment to fragrance

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