5 Ways to Effectively Utilize Incense Sticks

15 Mar 2016

5 Ways to Effectively Utilize Incense Sticks

An incense stick is not simply meant to burn and relish its aroma till it ends. But, if utilized effectively, incense sticks could create wonders with its powerful scent. Be it an incense stick like Nag Champa, Jasmine, or Incense cones of various flavors, using them in a perfect manner is a must. Below are top 5 ways to use them effectively.

1. Look for the size of the room: It is advised that if your room is small, light only 1 Incense stick. And if the size of your room is large, then go with two or maximum of three of incense sticks.

2. Angle Matters: Do not lit and hang the incense sticks upside down. Experiments done on Incense sticks in the USA and other countries show that an incense stick placed upside down burns 25% faster. Hence, for the scent to be released from incense stick for a longer time, it is advised to keep it in the upright direction.

3. Mix the smoke with little fresh air: Leading suppliers of Incense sticks of India as well as abroad offer premium quality incense sticks that offers a soothing effect. It is advised to keep the windows a little bit open to avoid suffocation and double the soothing effect.

4. Don’t burn until the end: It is not necessary to burn incense sticks and incense cones to the very end. If you feel that the space around you is aromatic enough, then you can extinguish it by dipping the burning part in water.

5. Low smoke Incense Sticks or Incense Cones: Always go for low smoke producing incense sticks and incense cones for best results. Moksh Agarbatti, a leading exporter and supplier of Incense Sticks of Bangalore, offers various incense cones and incense sticks that are of high quality and produce less smoke. Some of its offerings in its incense warehouse include Nag Champa, Rose, Jasmine, etc.

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