5 Tips for Healthier Incense Sticks Use

22 Jul 2016

5 Tips for Healthier Incense Sticks Use

Incense Sticks are an indispensable part for those who look forward to having a spiritual start of the day. Burning an incense stick is a usual practice while worshipping. Along with connecting to divine, incense sticks are also used in spa therapies, meditation, etc. The incense sticks manufacturers offer various flavors that are used for different purposes.

While many incense cones and incense sticks exporters fail to mention healthier and safety tips to use them, Moksh Agarbatti, one of the leading incense sticks manufacturers of India, takes an initiative of educating people about the healthier use of incense sticks.

  • Proper Ventilation: The smoke that incense cones or incense sticks emit may cause indoor pollution that may lead to breathing problems. It is, therefore, advised to have proper ventilation in the room or hall where you want to light the incense stick.

  • Use Less ‘Smokier’ Incense Sticks: There are available incense sticks that emit less of smoke and more of fragrance. They are great to be used in the home. Only premium quality incense sticks suppliers, for instance, Moksh Agarbatti, offer these less ‘smokier’ incense sticks.

  • Light it properly: It is very much essential that once the incense stick is lit, you should not blow the flame soon. Keep the flame on the incense stick for a maximum of ten seconds.

  • Upright VS Upside Down: If you place your incense stick upside down and not upright, then try to change your habit. Experiments show that an incense stick placed upside down burns 25% faster. Hence, for the scent to be released from incense stick for a longer time, it is advised to keep it in an upright direction.

  • Putting Incense Sticks Out: Never leave the burning incense stick or incense cone unattended. If you are going out of your place or going to sleep, put out the agarbatti by dipping the burning end in water.

Moksh Agarbatti, one of the renowned natural incense stick manufacturers, has to offer incense flavors such as Nag Champa, Rose, Sandalwood, Swarna Rajanigandha Agarbatti, etc. categorized in more than 7 categories.

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