Wholesale Incense Sticks Manufacturer

Wholesale Incense Sticks Manufacturer

In the Incense stick industry, Moksh agarbatti has been making a significant contribution since its inception in 1996. It is the most popular name and it is also a preferred choice of incense stick users across the country.
At Moksh Agarbatti, we endeavor to provide world class incense sticks in a plethora of fragrances and undertones such as floral, woody, oriental, cosmetic, etc. that rightfully represents the spirit of India, its tradition and culture. The ever popular dhoop available in Champa and Mogra scents purify the environment thereby contributing to solitude, calmness and peace

We manufacture in Bulk.

With the production unit spread in the area of 2 lac sq. units we have a workforce of a whopping figure of 600 which helps in manufacturing in wholesale. With the aid of infrastructure and man power we produce 1.5 crore incense sticks per day and also maintain the quality of each and every fragrance stick that we produce.

 Our Process

The manufacturing and creation of incense sticks is both a science and an art and no one understands it better than Moksh Agarbattis. Each incense sticks is created with the best and freshest of ingredients, be it diverse and exotic flowers, herbs, leaves, oils or aromas. The excellent team at Moksh has a detailed know-how of the technicalities that go into the making of outstanding incense sticks. The experts make sure that the resultant product is superior in quality, lasts longer and leave behind an enthralling aroma.

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