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Swarna Mallika: Jasmine Incense

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Jasmine Incense Exporters

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Grams Per Pkt : 23 gms


Grams Per Pkt : 80 gms

Grams Per Pkt : 30 gms

 “ Put away the jasmine wreath: the smell is heavy in so small a place. ”

– The Second Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling

Jasmine Incense Exporters

Mallika, the little white flower with a mind blowing fragrance, blossoms in the evening spreading its fragrance all around. Its fragrance conveys a sense of freshness and evokes a feeling of newness in your mind. The sweet fragrance of tender white buds and blooming flowers has been confined in the packet of Moksh Swarna Mallika Incense Sticks.
Packed in variations of 20 gram packet, 50 gram economy packet and 60 gram pouch pack to suit your needs. We are known among the Incense Sticks Manufacturers India. We manufacture incense sticks of supreme quality at the most affordable rates.

Get swept away by the deep heavy tones of the mallika.