Incense sticks manufacturers India

Incense sticks manufacturers India: Moksh Agarbatti

Since its inception in 1997, Moksh Agarbatti has been a leading name in the incense stick industry. The wholesale incense sticks manufacturers in India, are based in Bangalore and provide high quality, affordable, fragrant agarbattis to their ever growing users. Offering more than 35 types of fragrances in fruity, herbal, floral, oriental, cosmetic, woody undertones, you can pick from an array of choices such as Swarna Mogra, Swarna Chandan, Swarna Rajanigandha, Swarna Gulab, Swarna Kasturi, etc. Original, distinct, aromatic and natural, Moksh Agarbattis provide a unique and splendid experience to the users every time they are lit.

Agarbatti Manufacturing Units of Moksh in Bangalore

The bulk incense sticks manufacturers in Bangalore (India) have three state of the art manufacturing units in Bangalore. Replete with modern facilities and innovative technology, these units stretch over an extensive area of 1.5 lakh square unit.The three factories are located in-

  • J. C. Industrial Estate
  • Yelachenahalli
  • Chamarajpet

Run by an experienced, efficient and highly dedicated staff, the mentioned natural Incense sticks manufacturing facilities have areas specially demarcated for numerous operations such as compound preparation, sorting, packaging, storage area for packing materials, storage area for finished goods, Research and Development, Quality Control Lab, etc.

Overview of Process of incense sticks manufacturing

A rigorous procedure is undertaken for the manufacturing of every Moksh Agarbatti. A stick of bamboo is first glazed with an assortment of fragrant constituents. This is done manually through the technique of hand rolling which is followed by the introduction of aromatic oil. To help you understand better, here is a step by step explanation of the same-

  • Evenly rolled sticks are selected and bundled together.
  • These are then dipped into pure, natural, world class perfumes.
  • For example- Rose incense sticks are dipped in rose scent, agarbattis with a lavender tone are dipped in lavender fragrance, etc.
  • These are then packaged beautifully and sent across to cater the needs of every customer.

The impressive production unit is spread over a massive area of 1.5 lac sq. units. The 3 factories, 19 company owned distribution centers, 800 stock distribution centers and the able leadership of the two pioneers have enabled Moksh Agarbatti to carve a niche for itself and be a name of great repute and respect in the industry.

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