Incense Sticks, Where True Magic Hides.

07 Nov 2014

Incense Sticks, Where True Magic Hides.

Hinduism is a dominant religion followed in India. It taught the world preachings, principles, morals and ways to live a successful life through subjects like moksh and other spiritual aids like incense sticks.

Incense is a fragrant biological material that releases aroma when set to burn. The great contribution of incense is coined in the product; Incense sticks. It plays major role in ceremonies, rituals, spirituality, worship, prayers, aromapathy and simple pleasure. The joss sticks play a major role in our day to day life by creating an aura of excellence. The incense sticks are available in various types ranging from indirect burning incense sticks, direct burning incense sticks to its most common form; a masala agarbatti. Indus civilization had witnessed and gifted our culture a treasure of Incense burners. As time evolved, India simultaneously grew with the Egyptian invention of incense sticks too.

Counting on importance of incense sticks, its vital role is found in the threshold of a home or a business, before an idol of God, in all places of worship, Inaugurations and to mention ,each and every start of one and all things especially in India. Funerals, spiritual healing, chants, etc. are also incomplete without incense sticks.

A deep thought to the reason of using incense stick in holy areas provoked to search an answer to this, ”why do we burn joss sticks?” To discover, the reply detailed that this is a belief that loops of smoke that evolves high into the atmosphere, transports our wishes, our hopes and our prayers straight to the Almighty. The ashes that the incense sticks leaves behind after burning itself is a ritual symbolizing human character and quality. It portrays the feature of human race to bid goodbye to oneself for the cause of others. It depicts the importance and art to light the life of another with delight, leaving aside one’s own hopes, desires and aspirations too.

From the point of psychology, these surprising joss sticks leave an absolute healing as well as soothing effect. Mental relaxation is another asset which the miraculous stick leave behind. Holy Ambiance for rituals and ceremonies cannot be created by another substitute, other than incense sticks.

To feel and live the serenity of these splendid sticks, rush to buy “Moksh agarbatti,” an answer to walk on path of worship, moksh, eternal freedom and salvation. Moksh agarbatti in its various fragrances ranging from rose, mogra, nagchampa and sandalwood is easily available at best affordable prices. The Moksh agarbatti can be bought in bulk from dealers and suppliers of Moksh agarbatti. Moksh is also the leading exporter of Incense sticks.

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