Incense Sticks Suppliers in India

Incense Sticks Suppliers in India

An aura filled with sweet scent is a blessing for the nostrils. MokshAgarbatti, one of the leading incense sticks manufacturers and suppliers of India, ensures that the environment always stays filled with the sweet smell of Incense. Thus, it strives to manufacture a plethora of scents in the form of Incense sticks or Agarbattis. It also endeavors to expand the agarbatti scent to each and every nook of India by supplying it to the far-off area of the nation, therefore qualifying itself as one of the leading incense sticks suppliers of India.

Our Offerings

We offer an array of Agarbattis and Dhoop products that are sure to fill the aura with their enthralling scent. Our offerings are bifurcated into a plethora of categories such as floral, oriental, woody, premium, etc. These categories include products such as Swarna Kusum Agarbatti, Samaj Supreme, Swarna Amber, Cone Dhoop Agarbatti, etc. Once the production and packaging conclude, we ship the produce to our 15 company depos and thousands of retail outlets. Our huge distribution network also labels us as one of the leading agarbatti exporters of India.
We ship and supply everything we produce. Our product range which consists of 35 fragrances categorized under various undertones and Dhoop which again is available in number of scents will never be out of inventory with aforementioned depos and outlets.

Quality is our motto

Though we export and supply Agarbattis in bulk quantities and keep the price accordingly, it does not mean that the quality is compromised on any front. Every possible step is taken to ensure a quality production of incense sticks and dhoop cones. As a trusted incense sticks supplier in India, a meticulous packaging is undertaken before exporting to each and every nook of the country. It does not simply ensure a safe shipment but also it preserves the scent of the incense sticks.

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