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Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Moksh Agarbatti was founded by Mr. S.K. Ashiya and Mr. Anand Ashiya in the year 1996 with the vision to provide every Indian household affordable and high quality incense sticks. One of the fastest growing agarbatti brands in India; Moksh is always at the frontiers of innovation and creation of splendid smelling agarbattis.

With a wide array of scents that are each unique and distinct, the brand currently offers more than 35 choices of fragrances, with exclusive floral, herbal, oriental, woody, fruity and cosmetic undertones. Our range of “Swarna” agarbattis such as Swarna Champa, Swarna Rajanigandha, Swarna Mogra, Swarna Gulab, Swarna Chandan and others have captured the imagination of millions of Indian users and our foray into the international market through countries such as Canada, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mauritius, etc. has been a huge success.

Multi-functional and diverse, these sticks can be used during prayers, yoga, meditation and for making your environment pleasant and aromatic. The packaging is done with great care and keeping in mind the needs of different sections of users. The regular, economy, square, hexagon, jumbo and pouch packaging meet the demands of our diverse clientele which is growing by leaps and bounds.

A leading incense sticks manufacturer and exporters in India, Moksh supplies its products to prominent MTO’s such as Reliance, Smart, Food World, Nilgiris, Heritage, Food Express, Auchan Spar and others. Realizing the importance of engaging in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, the company generates significant employment opportunities to improve the economic condition of the weaker sections of the society.

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